How clean is your mirror?

‘When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself’ РWayne Dyer

Listen to your thoughts and your words Рlisten to what they are telling you, not about others, but about yourself. If people’s reaction and response to you is a mirror of what is going on inside you, what is it telling you about yourself? We are so easy to blame others and point fingers Рdeflect anything from ourselves, yet our interactions with people are just that Р‘our’ interactions.

It is quite an enlightening and empowering thought to think we are able to influence or impact the way others respond to us. Take an aggressive angry man who goes through life fighting with one person after another. All these people he encounters are not necessarily ‘angry’ in themselves yet by interacting with him, he brings out the anger in them. They reflect what is going on inside him Рthey are his mirror.


What are people reflecting in your mirror? Do you like what you see? Is it time to clean your mirror?

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