What does winning mean to you?

When my daughter was 4 years old, she ran her first race at her school sports day. It was very exciting – the whistle went and off she flew, quickly getting ahead of all the others. A few metres before the winning line – streaks ahead of her peers, she stopped to wait for her friend and together they trotted over the line with others whizzing by.


At that moment, had she won? She had lost the race yet to a 4 year old living through her subtle senses, she had everything she needed to feel successful. As adults looking in at the situation, we would interpret it from our years of experience and learn’t behaviour that she was unsuccessful Рa failure.


The question arises – what is winning? or more aptly – who are you winning for? If you win the race and stand alone – have you succeeded? In order to feel a real sense of achievement, you need to reach inside and align your goals with what feels right for you. So often our aspirations are based on outside expectations resulting in hollow victories. All of us have the ability to listen to ourselves – to hear what is really going on inside. The problem is, with the outside noise of life with all its expectations and presumptions, it drowns out our inner voice.

Meditation is a wonderful way to quieten the noise. It allows you to find that stillness, that sense of peace Рof just being, where you are able to access the ‘real’ you Рwithout the trimmings of the 21st Century lifestyle.


There are many meditation courses and books, as well as numerous recordings available to download. Regular practice of meditation helps to access the state of stillness more easily. Ironically, by being still, you are able to be achieve more by aligning your future actions with your inner expectations. In other words, you are able to win – for you.


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