‘Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage’ Brene Brown

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a talk at Conway hall by Brene Brown, a globally renowned speaker, author and researcher into the concepts of vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame. I first came across Dr Brown via TED talks and instantly was drawn to her openness and her approach to topics which are usually brushed under the carpet.

The idea of not being brave and exposing yourself by being vulnerable, at the time was foreign to me, but the more I heard and read the more I valued her opinion and research and…… the more it made sense. She is a truely inspirational person on so many levels and last night’s talk proved this again. She marked her presentation by having the audience (all 500 or so of us) singing Something Inside so Strong by Labi Siffre and Don’t Stop Believeing by Journey – such uplifting music and very liberating singing unabashedly without fear or vulnerability which so often holds us back.

Brene, a wonderfully open and fun Texan lady, has recently launched her new book: Daring Greatly

Clearly from the audience’s questions and response to her, she has changed many people’s ways of thinking and ultimately the lives they lead. Being vulnerable has always been perceived as a weakness – letting yourself down, yet watching this TED talk below will hopefully make you look at it with new eyes and see the incredible power in allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

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